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These people have dedicated their time to share their work to the world.

Riley Reece

Hi my name is Riley Reece and I am a freshman at Duke University. As an avid reader, writer and viewer of short stories, historical films and creative literature, I spend a fair amount of time reading books and articles, as well as watching tv shows and movies that cast women in key roles.  I have always questioned the accuracy of how women of color are portrayed, in books, films, tv shows and social media. I was raised to always strive to be, unapologetically, the best version of my authentic self. I am passionate and outspoken about the inaccuracies of the portrayal of people of color, particularly women and girls in multiple media platforms. I am equally passionate about highlighting media that celebrate women and their contributions to our ever-evolving society. In addition to fictional work, I get inspired by documentaries that shed light on significant acts and accomplishments of women that are not highlighted by mainstream media yet still have a significant impact on the continued shaping of herstory

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Charlie DeMarco

My name is Charlie DeMarco. I live in New York City and attend Fordham Preparatory School. I play academy soccer for BW Gottschee out of Queens. My sports commitment takes up most of my time outside of school. However, in my spare time, I enjoy expressing my passion in photography by taking pictures of the world around me. This involves me going into central park and taking pictures of nature, or taking pictures on the streets of the concrete jungle. Photography is a way I am able to express myself and it is just something fun to do overall.


Romina Jately



It’s a Brown Thing is a platform to bring together the next generation of South Asian youth. As a widespread community we are each distinct in the way we act, work, and communicate with one thing connecting us all: our culture. South Asia is insanely diverse yet has intricately connected the various regions together in harmony for centuries. As our connection to the mother country fades through emigration the brown community has proven to be stronger together than ever. Therefore, It’s a Brown Thing hopes to be a forum where South Asian issues, achievements, research, and opinions can be shared in a collaborative and developmental space. We also hope to bring cross racial alliances with people who identify as brown to broaden our knowledge and perspectives on what it means to be brown.


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